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Six poems published in The Saving Bannister, poems by





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1. IMMORTAL SO FAR. 100,000-word novel. Complete and resting comfortably.

Tag line: The misadventures of a serial-dating Don Juannabe who gets bigger and bigger with each new conquest until he marries a tall girl and starts, inexplicably, to shrink.


First line: “I was born at the medium-rare age of thirty-five.” 




2. WINNING AURELIA. 80,000-word Young Adult novel. Complete and in search of a publisher.

Tag line: Owen, an eight-year-old autistic child chess prodigy, imagines himself into his games, applies chess rules to real life, and embarks on a quest to win the heart of the girl next door.




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3. GOD’S GIRLS. Work in Progress. 50,000 words so far.














1. 28-page Poetry Chapbook, “Zero Miles From Right Here”

from the poem, “Graybow”

I’ll correct you
In the middle of the storm
If you lament the day
And ask me what the hell my wife is doing
In the rain…

from the poem, “Technically Love”




I hooked up with this

tight-bellied girl

for a while once.

Hooked up with her

and her ipod-white skin

square-hipped with jeans

wrapped around a

Dolce Gabbana razr phone…



from the poem, “I Ain’t Did Nuthin’”

I ain’t did nuthin’!
He screamed it
Over and over and over again
In the reverberate hollow
Of the very same subway station
You’re sitting in right now…



2. 45-page Poetry Chapbook, “Legal Pad”



from the poem “no se trata de una guitarra (ceci n’est pas une guitare)”


from headstock to

tight round bottom

and my hard handslap in


she cries out,

an andalusian picado…



from the poem “losing to god”

he tilts back

fingers steepled
coldsuited in
pressed polished shirt
white as bleached teeth
and pleated pants of
worsted wool…




from the poem “fRigid”


you’re my
frosty onion girl
sobbing in the snow
peeling off
winter layers,,
you strip away
the downy coat,
shed the sweater,
the knitted christmas skin…



God's Girls (novel in progress)


Tag line: In Alaska, a ninety-six year old Russian shaman-gigolo named Vitaly and three co-eds (Simone, Rachel, and Barbara) invent their own religion and trick a naive native janitor named Frank into believing he’s the messiah.

First lines: Katya Shemyaka, buried in the throes of an agonizing labor, clawed with her small hands at the edges of the cot. As custom dictated, Gregory stayed outside, kept company by one of the town priests and a small entourage of fellow Alaskan salmon fishers and fur traders. The Russian men, collars turned up against a light but steady rain, looked around at each other when the ground shook for the first time.


for the Synopsis of Winning Aurelia!


First line: “A long time ago in the living room, Owen Robertson woke up in the middle of a war."







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