1. Basic Edit (spelling, grammar, mechanics, punctuation, formatting)

2. Substantive Edit (basic edit plus content review, character and plot development, fact-checking)

3. Feedback Edit (usually reserved for a second edit of a novel -- includes chapter overview, analysis of story arc, end-of-chapter suggestions about how to make the writing more publishable)



1. Basic Edit = $.03 / word

2. Substantive Edit = $8 / page (plus $1 / page for APA formatting)

3. Feedback Edit

            0-50 pages = $2.75 / page

            50 – 100 pages = $2.50 / page

            101 – 200 pages = $2.25 / page

            201 – 300 pages = $2. 00 / page

            301 + pages = $1.75 / page

* NOTE: Pricing based on academic writing, standard business writing, query letters, synopsis writing, non-fiction, memoir, short fiction, and long fiction in all genres. Price scale may be modified for special orders. Minimum charge of $15 / order applies.

(Ask about special discounted rates for students and CAA members!)



1. Typed, Times New Roman 12
2. Double-spaced
3. Header at top of each page with title, author’s name, and page number
4. Each new chapter should begin halfway down the page
5. No spaces between paragraphs except to indicate time/setting shift



1. Send manuscript via regular post or
2. Email manuscript as attachment to 



1. PayPal

2. Money Order

3. Cheque payable to “Malcolm Matthews: PEWS”
4. Payment Plans available upon request



Name: Jane Doe
Job: Feedback Edit of 200 page YA fiction.
Price: $2.25 / page = $450
Format: Arial 12, double-spaced
Payment: PayPal

Sample page:





Malcolm helped me with my novel, If Only For a Season. He scrubbed out a lot of goofy sentences and bad dialogue. Plus, he helped me with plot and pace. It was good. He also let me take a look at his novel, Winning Aurelia (before it was published), to get a better idea of professional writing techniques. That also helped a lot. I'd recommend Malcolm any time!


-- Ray White (Denver, Colorado USA)


Malcolm has done a lot of work for our driver training business. He does proofreading and layout for our brochures and in-house curriculum guides. He is a total perfectionist and doesn't stop until we're 100% satisfied. Which we always are!


-- Margaret Harrington (St. Catharines, Ontario CANADA)


As a graduate student in Anthropology at Cornell, I turned to Malcolm to edit my dissertation. My committee members have since praised my writing style and techniques. Thank you, Malcolm! Editing for English grammar and style, narrative flow and content, and overall sense and nonsense, Malcolm transformed my chapters into sharp essays while respecting the integrity of my arguments and the discipline-specific language of anthropology. And he did so dependably, returning line-by-line revisions of chapters to me within one to two days, and sometimes even within hours. I felt like his only customer and that felt darn good.


-- Marcus Dubois (Buffalo, New York USA)


Malcolm’s substantive edit has helped me polish up my story in ways I never thought possible. Being a young writer, just starting out, I needed someone who knew what he was doing and could assist me with my first book. Malcolm read through the children’s story I had written, picking out sentences for debate and making amazing suggestions and comments of which I hadn’t even thought. He really opened up my eyes to the potential my story has, but I can’t do it alone. Behind every great writer there is a great editor, and I think Malcolm is definitely one of those guys!


-- Sarah Munn (St. Lucia)


After writing my first essay in English (my second language), I was not sure that its grammar, content, and flow were sufficiently good for publication. A friend of mine recommended Malcolm as an editor. Malcolm transformed my essay into a sharper article, made the arguments stronger, eliminated redundancies, and personally debated some of my statements. My first essay was accepted for publication, and Malcolm helped me with every other essay I wrote. Without his encouragement and generous assistance, I would not have continued writing my articles and short essays for publication. Thanks Malcolm! I have always appreciated the assistance Malcolm gave me. He is a very dependable editor, and I highly recommend him!


-- Noran (Buffalo, NY USA)


I was impressed by how Malcolm was professional and detailed in his edits. He has given more insight into some of the scenes in the chapters. He has been a great help in grammar and sentence structure. His comments and details really helped to polish the manuscript. He was professional in the time and keeping me posted with where he was in the edits. I would definitely recommend Malcolm and his expertise in the written word.


-- Tara A. (Niagara Falls, ON)




In addition to editing services, I also create customized PowerPoint presentations for special occasions including weddings, birthdays, graduations, special tributes, and funeral services.

You send me photos (and music if you like), and I do the rest.

A classy presentation makes an original, personal, and unique gift for your special loved one.

Contact me for pricing and service options. 


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