Malcolm Matthews writes, works as a professional editor, and does freelance marketing and design work. In his spare time, he juggles, cooks Thai food, plays guitar, and once danced on stage with Gregory Hines. 

Malcolm has had stories published in Niagara This Week; his poetry appears in recent issues of The Saving Bannister and in Precipice, Brock University's literary magazine. He won first place in Ingersoll's 2008 James McIntryre poetry contest. He has published a series of autism-related articles in Autism Matters, and his movie reviews and discussions of all things sci-fi appear at
Occasionally, in his down time, Malcolm invents Spider-Men to inhabit the various comic book worlds in his head:
Spider Manatee, Spider Mac, Spider Mon, Spider Manicotti, Spider Maid, Spider Highlighter, Spi Doorman, Spider Mannequin, Spider Manitoba
Recently Read
Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close (Foer), How We Think (Hayles), Loving Mr. Spock (Jacobs), An Anthropologist on Mars (Sacks), Freaks: Myths and Images of the Secret Self (Fiedler), Tyranny of the Normal (Fiedler), The Posthuman (Braidotti)












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